Enterprice Level VPS Cloud Computing with Competative Pricing

Our Platforms are Built Using State of the Art Enterprise Solutions Keeping the Lowest Pricing Options

  • Overview


    KODOCORE provides Enterprise Level Cloud Server Service for SME and Large Corporates in Northern Europe and CIS with 100% uptime (Guaranteed SLA 99.7%), based corporate grade hardware incl. newest Intel Xeon CPUs.

    We are the first in the Baltic countries, offering public cloud only with SSD based storage (ultimate IOPS) solutions with flexible pricing and to pay for only required resources.

    In addition KODOCORE provides Hybrid and Private Cloud Design and Implementation for Large Corporate Clients, which include IT system audit and development of migration plan, Private cloud infrastructure planning, development and integration, virtualisation of enterprise primary and/or backup systems. Please contact us!

    • Public Cloud

      Public Cloud

      VPS server is one of core products aimed to provide enterprise level cloud resources for broad range of clients in Northern Europe and CIS

    • Hybrid and Private Cloud

      Hybrid and Private Cloud

      Accumulated KODOCORE know-how allows to provide tailor made data infrastructure hosting solutions for specific needs of our customers. Read more!

    • Privacy Policy

      Privacy Policy

      Our clients loyalty cornerstone is our privacy policy - aimed at protecting our customer data

    • Relationship Based Service

      Relationship Based Service

      We are aiming to become the most convenient cloud and data infrastructure hosting services provider in Northern Europe and CIS for its customers.

  • Infrastructure


    KODOCORE employs state of the art infrastructure to provide best Enterprise Level Cloud Computing. Public Platform is built on OnApp enterprise level cloud platform. For private clouds/virtualization we employ VMware, OnApp competence. Our hardware is with latest generation servers including dual Intel Xeon E5 processors, carrier grade network built using Alcatel-Lucent solutions, enterprise grade storage system built using super fast SSDs.. Additionally we provide built in anti-spoofing, anti-sniffing Firewall.

    • Enterprise Level Data Centre

      Enterprise Level Data Centre

      Our infrastructure is hosted in the most modern and secure data center facilities in Baltic States - LVRTC Data Center which is built according to Tier 3 requirements

    • Hardware Solutions

      Hardware Solutions

      We provide our customers with most up to date enterprise level hardware to support high performance of their IT systems

    • Security Systems

      Security Systems

      Infrastructure we use employ hardware and software level security systems to ensure safety of our client data and redudancy of our services

    • Networking Solutions

      Networking Solutions

      Networking is crucial part of our services in order to provide high quality solutions for our clients, hence we employ the newest solutions provided by Alcatel-Lucent

  • Features


    KODOCORE aims to provide the fastest and most redundant cloud/virtualization technology to help our clients to easily and more efficiently manage their IT infrastructure. KODOCORE provides users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives and the ability to select the most convenient solution for specific needs of each customer.

    • SLA


      Legal policy is 99.7% SLA, however we aim to provide no more no less than 100% uptime

    • Cost and Efficiency Driven Consultancy

      Cost and Efficiency Driven Consultancy

      Working together with our clients, solutions that meet their requirements are developed in a way to decrease costs and increase operating efficiency of our client IT Systems

    • No Paperwork & Transparent Pricing

      No Paperwork & Transparent Pricing

      KODOCORE business model is IT based, hence no more long paperwork and complicated pricing

    • 24/7/365 Support

      24/7/365 Support

      Our support specialists are available when you need them and speak three different languages

  • Management


    Our Cloud Computing systems employ easy-to-use built in Control Panel. An intuitive user interface to control all of your virtual servers. Create, resize, rebuild with single clicks. An experience designed around the user instead of technology.

    • Simple Controls

      Simple Controls

      No more messy controls. Kodocore.com solutions features easy to use fully functional GUI

    • Flexibility


      With KODOCORE you can control your resources dynamically - never pay for what you do not need

    • Monitoring


      Our built in monitoring tools allows our clients to monitor their systems from anywhere and receive real-time updates

    • Convenient Billing

      Convenient Billing

      KODOCORE billing system is built in way to provide its customers with clear and transparent pricing and history

  • Backup


    Automatically set your server to be backed up. Or take a snapshot when you reach a milestone. Snapshots are great as you can build a new server from a snapshot you took, saving you valuable configuration time.

    • Architecture


      Well thought Architecture Planning ensures several layers of data security and redundancy

    • Backup


      KODOCORE backup engine OnApp or IDERA provides clients with self-service redudant backup solution

    • Administration


      Built in administration panel of backup solutions allows convenient management and monitoring of backup routines

    • Redeployment


      KODOCORE enterprise platform allows you in matter of minutes redeploy backup up snapshots in any of our provided locations